Heat Reclaim Ventilator

Our HRV’s are compact, energy efficient and can operate under a wide outdoor operating temperature range.  These units provide high enthalpy efficiency due to the greatly enhanced performance of the thin film element.  Furthermore, improved external static pressures offers greater design flexibility to the your air conditioning solution. By incorporating heat reclaim ventilators into your air conditioning design, heat loads can be reduced and your plan size can be better optimised.

Daikin HRV

Modern buildings are highly airtight and subject to an increasing heat load due to the use of computers, lighting equipment and other office equipment. In these buildings some rooms may require artificial cooling even in winter, depending on the
amount of sunshine received and the number of people in the room. In order to meet such requirements the Heat Recovery
Series enables the simultaneous operation of cooling and heating by controlling the BS unit that switches cooling and heating.
This series also substantially improves energy efficiency by recycling waste heat.

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Available as part of the Energy Wise scheme